HEGLA Boraident Laserbird zur Glasveredelung

Laser marking and laser finishing of glass

We laser glass to create decorative and practical surfaces. Our innovative marking and finishing treatment options transform glass coatings and give them new functions. Laser-supported glass marking enables your products to be easily identified and tracked.

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Laserbird Boraident Glasveredelung

The upgrade for your glass products


Get more out of your glass with Laserbird and benefit from even higher value creation. Finish your products by modifying their functional coating, or use laser printing or coating transformation techniques to create custom panes. Further applications can be added at any time to expand your production range.

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Nordbygg, Schweden

HEGLA boraident will be exhibiting at Nordbygg in Sweden from 23-26 April 2024.

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laser marking for window profiles
Clearly marking knowledge on profiles

The digital options of laser marking for window and door profiles are diverse, ranging from initiating production steps and tracking processes to storing installation notes.

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Bird protection glass
Three criteria for bird protection glass

Glass is one of the major sources of danger for birds, as they frequently fail to detect the transparent surfaces and make a fatal error.

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Laser upgrades: Adding value to standard products

Thanks to laser technology, the glass industry can do something that would be almost inconceivable in any other sector. Laser finishing treatment enables manufacturers to enhance the value of largely standardised products and increase their functionality. With prices for traditional IG units and facade cladding coming under increasing pressure, using laser upgrades to create bird protection glass, RF-transparent glass and anti-bacterial glass gives manufacturers the chance to tap into new target markets and increase their profit margins.

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Laser-marked: uniquely identifiable and traceable at any time

ES-GuardS, the advanced laser marking system from HEGLA boraident, makes non-destructive, permanent marks on glass without influencing the material’s properties. If the marking is made in the form of a QR or data matrix code, the pane will be uniquely identifiable at all times. And if the marking process is fully automated and carried out prior to cutting, later mix-ups will be virtually impossible.

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