HEGLA Boraident Laserbird zur Glasveredelung

Laser marking and laser finishing of glass

We laser glass to create decorative and practical surfaces. Our innovative marking and finishing treatment options transform glass coatings and give them new functions. Laser-supported glass marking enables your products to be easily identified and tracked.

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Laserbird Boraident Glasveredelung

The upgrade for your glass products


Get more out of your glass with Laserbird and benefit from even higher value creation. Finish your products by modifying their functional coating, or use laser printing or coating transformation techniques to create custom panes. Further applications can be added at any time to expand your production range.

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Bird protection glass with intelligent laser printing

Up to 100 million birds die in Europe each year because they cannot detect glass facades, bus stops, balcony glazing, greenhouses and windows as obstacles in time. Collisions with glass are the biggest unnatural cause of bird deaths – despite the fact that bird strikes can be prevented. HEGLA boraident from Halle offers laser printing as a method for preventing bird strikes, and its effectiveness has now been certified.

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Innovative, intelligent and international: HEGLA boraident offers a cross-location mechatronics engineer apprenticeship (m/f/x) with a laser upgrade
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Laser upgrades: Adding value to standard products
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Digital added value with our Shop-Floor app

Gaining digital added value and simplifying workflows are the focus of the HEGLA Shop-Floor app, which is available in tablet and smartphone versions.

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More information on processes
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Laser-marked: uniquely identifiable and traceable at any time
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[Translate to English:] Pofilmarkierung HEGLA boraident
Unique marking and identification for windows and doors

The new high-resolution laser marking from HEGLA boraident is machine-readable, making it ideal for the unique identification of window and door profiles – and more.

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