A passion for finding new solutions

Our success results from our passion – the passion for innovation, cutting-edge technology and new challenges. In addition to extensive knowledge and experience, each of our employees contributes his or her own personal drive to realise customised solutions in an interdisciplinary manner and to bring projects to a successful conclusion. This is how we ensure a long-term successful partnership with our customers. Our customers trust in our innovative strength, problem-solving skills and ability to engage in dialogue. This strategy consolidates our position as the market leader for the development of high-performance, customised marking and identification systems for flat, hollow and technical glass.


Customer satisfaction is our greatest asset

Our customers include national and international manufacturers, processors and users of glass in the market sectors of architectural glass, photovoltaics, automotive and medical technology/pharmaceuticals. Our focus is resolutely on our customers’ satisfaction. That’s why, for us, closeness to the customer is more than just a promise. Our company philosophy is very deliberately based on offering our customers personal and direct support and advice. Together we will develop and suggest solutions to fit your requirements.


Laser technology – a building block of Industry 4.0

With its high level of functionality, our non-destructive UniColor® laser print marking more than meets the increasing requirements of product traceability, Industry 4.0 and digitalisation. Once applied, the mark is bonded with the pane for the entire product life cycle. This means that the entire production process can be completely digitalised, stored on the glass and retrieved at any time. This means that cutting and other processes, for example, can be controlled via the product directly and thus in a decentralised manner.


A strong partnership

Since 2017, HEGLA boraident has been a partner of the HEGLA Group and, in addition to laser solutions for product finishing and marking, also offers comprehensive solutions in the area of machines and systems for flat glass processing, tempering and bending furnaces, in addition to customised software. With HEGLA’s worldwide maintenance network, you are guaranteed reliable customer service.

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Teaser Messe Vitrum HEGLA boraident Vogeslchutzglas
Vitrum: Post-installation finishing treatment for bird protection and RF-transparent glass

With its new solution for the post-installation functionalisation of facades and windows, HEGLA boraident plans to attract attention at this year’s Vitrum.

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Bird protection glass with intelligent laser printing

Up to 100 million birds die in Europe each year because they cannot detect glass facades, bus stops, balcony glazing, greenhouses and windows as obstacles in time. Collisions with glass are the biggest unnatural cause of bird deaths – despite the fact that bird strikes can be prevented. HEGLA boraident from Halle offers laser printing as a method for preventing bird strikes, and its effectiveness has now been certified.

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Laser upgrades: Adding value to standard products

Thanks to laser technology, the glass industry can do something that would be almost inconceivable in any other sector. Laser finishing treatment enables manufacturers to enhance the value of largely standardised products and increase their functionality. With prices for traditional IG units and facade cladding coming under increasing pressure, using laser upgrades to create bird protection glass, RF-transparent glass and anti-bacterial glass gives manufacturers the chance to tap into new target markets and increase their profit margins.

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Laser-marked: uniquely identifiable and traceable at any time

ES-GuardS, the advanced laser marking system from HEGLA boraident, makes non-destructive, permanent marks on glass without influencing the material’s properties. If the marking is made in the form of a QR or data matrix code, the pane will be uniquely identifiable at all times. And if the marking process is fully automated and carried out prior to cutting, later mix-ups will be virtually impossible.

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hegla boraident mobile compatible glass
Laser-treated glass suitable for wireless communications

The laws of physics cannot really resolve it: glass that features a low-E or another type of wear layer to improve its insulating properties, has a significantly reduced heat transfer coefficient, which improves the pane’s thermal insulation. The down side, however, is that the layer minimises the pane’s level of penetrability for high-frequency wireless communication waves. Communication with mobile phones or tablets is only limited in the best case scenario and impossible in the worst. Physically speaking, the problem is easy enough to identify. if the panes or the glass front are finished with a metallic coating, the building envelope acts like a Faraday cage involving a large proportion of glass and metal. This either prevents the penetration of wireless communications entirely or severely impairs them as a result of the unintentional reflection of the signals.

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Galactic with laser
Laser Marking: the Smooth Permanent Tracking Method

There are as many good reasons to pin information or product data to a processed glass panel as there are for chalk marking or sticking down labels. As a new process with expanded functionality, laser marking with its enhanced features is becoming increasingly popular.

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HEGLA boraident - New foundation
Expertise in glass and laser applications: Newly founded HEGLA boraident secures jobs and know-how in Halle (Saale)

Following a very brief period of insolvency after the company fell into financial difficulties, the 17 employees of boraident in Halle an der Saale (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) can breathe a sigh of relief. The HEGLA Group, headquartered in Beverungen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (with approx. 550 employees worldwide), is taking over the site on 5th October, 2017. All current employees and patents will be incorporated into the newly founded HEGLA boraident GmbH & Co. KG.

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