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25 years of HEGLA Kretzschau – from a regional location to a globally active company

At a big party last Friday (16 October), the employees and managers celebrated the 25th anniversary of HEGLA Kretzschau.

HEGLA Kretzschau

When the company started production on 1/10/1990, nobody could have predicted how positively the location would develop. The 22 employees still used leased rooms as their production facilities at the beginning. Only two years later, HEGLA acquired its own industrially zoned lot in Döschwitz and occupied the new building after a construction phase lasting only six months. At the beginning, they mainly produced glass frames to sell in the new federal states and equipped vehicles for glass transport, but over time new and increasingly more complex products were added. “Döwi” – as the location was fondly called by HEGLA employees – rapidly grew from a purely regional steel construction company into a key supplier to the mechanical engineering industry located in Beverungen (NRW). The company also developed its own products and took over others from the main plant in Beverungen and optimised them. As the HEGLA Group gained market share in Germany and Europe, the Kretzschau location became increasingly important and in 2008, had to expand its production area from 1,200 m² to around 4,500 m². The company developed into an expert for glass storage systems, suction devices for glass handling, and glass loading systems. Functioning as a centre of excellence for long-length storage systems and as the developer of RAPIDSTORES for glass storage and loading, Kretzschau is now a key independent component of the globally active HEGLA Group.

During his speech in the Hallescher Anger Hotel, Managing Director Bernhard Hötger told the 160 invited guests how proud the employees could be of the location’s positive growth. Jochen Hesselbach, who came on behalf of the majority stockholders, acknowledged the positive achievement of the past 25 years in his contribution: ‘With their commitment and work, the people are the ones who have helped HEGLA achieve the success that the subsidiary in Kretzschau and the Group as a whole enjoy today.’

Today, the Kretzschau location has more than 65 employees. Six of the current employees have been employed at HEGLA since the day the company was established.

The HEGLA Group itself was founded in Beverungen (NRW) in 1976. The Group has two other production and sales locations in Germany and numerous international sales subsidiaries and agencies. Its product range features machines and systems for the handling, cutting, storage, and sorting of flat glass for the construction, automotive, and solar energy industries. Long-goods storage technology and vehicle conversions with glass transport attachments are its other production divisions.


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HEGLA Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
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Image 1: RAPIDSTORE for glass storage and loading “Made in Kretzschau”

PVCU Storage

Image 2: Pull-out PVCU storage system with picking shuttle “Made in Kretzschau”