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Digital added value with our Shop-Floor app

Gaining digital added value and simplifying workflows are the focus of the HEGLA Shop-Floor app, which is available in tablet and smartphone versions.

Customers can choose from a variety of cross-system functions according to their individual needs, which simplify order processing, handling and maintenance/service, or support the after sales service. For example, the app makes it possible to identify marked panes in production via scanning, order and locate glass racks, access machine documentation, request maintenance or generate shipping documents.

The app can also be used internally to inform the customers of the relevant company that their order is ready for shipment, and there are even functions that go above and beyond production. All you need is a scan of the rack and a photo to document the delivery to the construction site or destination, for instance. What’s more, if the glass has a HEGLA boraident laser marking, the app can be used to reorder the exact same piece, determine the sales price immediately and view the delivery date. Depending on the configuration, the app can likewise retrieve the relevant fire protection certificate and production data; installation notes such as the installation position are also available if desired.

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Image 1: Digital added value is the focus of HEGLA’s Shop-Floor app, which is available in tablet and smartphone versions.