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Giving something back to the region

With several donations to non-profit associations and organisations as appropriate for the Christmas season, the HEGLA Group from Beverungen has shown its solidarity with the region for the fifth year in a row.

HEGLA donations to non-profit associations

‘As a globally active corporation with roots in the Höxter district, it is important to us to give something back to the region in which the majority of our employees live and call home,’ said Managing Director Bernhard Hötger. Once again, the town swimming pool’s booster club, ‘Die Batze’, is among the recipients. ‘Over the past two years marked by Covid-19, the downswing in the number of swimmers has continued, swimming courses could not take place regularly and the associations and sponsors increasingly feel the pressure,’ explained Hötger. With its donation, the Group wanted to show its appreciation of the booster club’s work and give it some freedom to support swimming or make a smaller investment.

Support for preservation of the swimming facilities and swimming itself

Together with the other members of the association, Chairpersons Heiner Hake and Dagmar Roscher were pleased to have received another donation. Alongside the association’s other typical volunteer work, the supporters plan to renovate the dressing rooms and build a completely new indoor swimming pool. ‘That makes it even more satisfying to receive recognition and financial support from regional businesses. We will use it to achieve our association’s goals: the preservation of the swimming facilities and support for swimming,’ said Heiner Hake.

HEGLA also donated to Beverunger Tisch, a food recycling project; Höxteraner Mittagstisch, a soup kitchen; Kinder- und Hospizdienst Paderborn-Höxter, a counselling centre for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families; the Kinderschutzbund Beverungen, the local children’s protection society; the Schulmaterialienkammer, a service for collecting and distributing school supplies; and the Beverunger Seniorennetz, a support network for young and old.

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HEGLA donations to non-profit associations

With its donation to the booster club, the HEGLA Group would like to give something back to the region and show its appreciation and support for the association’s work. (left to right): Andreas Rode, Swimming Supervisor Alexander Klaus, Brigitte Preuß, Bernhard Hötger (HEGLA) and Chairpersons Dagmar Roscher and Heiner Hake.