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HEGLA-HANIC GmbH places focus on digital future and Industry 4.0

The opportunities, possibilities and potential of the digital future are at the centre of the HEGLA-HANIC GmbH vision, the founding of which was agreed between the shareholders of machine and equipment manufacturer HEGLA and software specialist HANIC. Jochen H. Hesselbach (LEWAG Holding AG CEO) and Heinz-Dietmar Hantke (HANIC founder and shareholder) described the strategic background to this decision: “With HEGLA-HANIC GmbH, we will be able to combine and further strengthen both companies’ efforts in embarking on a course towards Industry 4.0 and the associated holistic view and optimisation of our customers’ value chain in an ideal manner.”


Benefit from each other’s know-how

The two parties will benefit from each other’s know-how and sector-specific professional perspective, stressed Frank Schürmann (LEWAG Holding AG CFO) and HEGLA-HANIC’s Managing Director Klaus Engel. They added that HEGLA was one of the sector’s technological leaders and had gained several decades of experience and understanding in the area of mechanical engineering and plant construction for storage, loading, cutting, automatic residual sheet handling and sorting of flat glass. HANIC is well-known in the glass-processing industry for intelligent manufacturing control systems, efficient software solutions for cutting and workflow optimisation as well as MES and ERP systems, added Bernhard Hötger (HEGLA Managing Director and HEGLA-HANIC GmbH Managing Director).

Unlocking the potential of Industry 4.0 even faster

“The defined goal of the venture is to jointly unlock the potentials of Industry 4.0 even more efficiently and across all areas and processes and to optimise the machines and equipment, the operating processes as well as the interacting software solutions even more thoroughly,” explained HEGLA-HANIC Managing Director Dr Jan Schäpers with great conviction. Working together, it will now be possible to implement innovations such as machine learning, digital twins and new in-house logistics concepts even more quickly. He added that collaboration with HEGLA boraident, which specialises in laser marking and structuring of glass, would provide customers with further options for the digitisation and networking of their production facilities.

Comprehensive control concept with open interfaces

The comprehensive control and manufacturing concept of HEGLA-HANIC GmbH will undergo continuous further development, subject to the requirement of operating with clearly defined and open interfaces. The idea is to maintain compatibility with third-party equipment and software solutions irrespective of any future innovations and improvements. The customers of HEGLA-HANIC GmbH will not only benefit from the advantage of obtaining advice and customer care from one provider, but also be able to receive efficient support from the individual partners.

In future, HANIC GmbH will operate under the name HEGLA-HANIC GmbH, continuing to act as an independent company within the HEGLA Group and retaining the entire workforce at its Bochum-Wattenscheid base. The HANIC contacts in Germany and abroad will continue to be available for customers to interact with as before and they will receive support from their colleagues in the HEGLA Group in the domestic and international markets.

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Figure 1: Working hand-in-hand and utilising their combined know-how, the two companies HEGLA and HEGLA-HANIC aim to engage in concerted efforts to unlock the potential of Industry 4.0.