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Hegla jubilarians and pensioners

“The success of a company is always dependent upon its employees working together for a common objective”, says HEGLA’s Managing Director, Manfred Vollbracht. This makes it all the more gratifying to honour six employees for having been with the company for 25 years. “There are two distinct advantages of their remaining loyal to the company for so many years. One is that these employees are a great fund of experience for a hi-tech company like HEGLA. And the other is the human factor that friendships and personal appreciation grow and develop in this time”.

Anniversaries and retirement

Personally acknowledgment of the jubilarians ­by the management

At a celebration with the heads of department and Works Council, the senior management thanked the jubilarians personally for their commitment and long-term association with the company.

Jubilarian Dorothy Mühlen is head of central book-keeping. Together with three colleagues and a trainee she is the first contact in management and various departments for all queries concerning book-keeping and finance relating to the company.

Silke Struck is also a jubilarian, and she is head of sales processing, checking incoming orders and structuring and preparing them for the relevant departments. She is responsible for scheduling and capacity planning for the entire volume of orders in the interface between sales and technology. She also provides valued and competent support as a partner to senior management.

Jubilarian Hans-Georg Hoffmann was the first employee of the HEGAL maintenance service, established in 1991. As a service technician he was particularly valued for his ability to solve the most difficult tasks. At almost the same time as he reached his 25 years service, Hoffmann retired from the company.

Viktor Root started at HEGLA as a welder in the frame building section, changed to vehicle construction and finally moved to machine construction. This universalist learned the ropes very quickly and was known at HEGLA for being a competent man for all seasons, even for assembly work.

Jubilarian Jozef Schwarzer first worked in frame construction. He moved to machine construction where he very quickly learned the ropes and where he is still producing small batches and component assemblies on his own. He is also valued by his colleagues for his readiness to help and his flexibility.

Jubilarian Michael Wolf started at HEGLA in vehicle construction and has become a specialist there for welding glass transportation superstructure. When product lines became centralised in Satteldorf (Baden-Württemberg), Wolf changed to vehicle construction where he very quickly and competently got to grips with the work.

Special joy of a good cooperation

Manfred Vollbracht emphasised the importance of each employee to the section in which he or she worked. Bernhard Hötger added: “We look forward to positive and competent cooperation in the years to come”.

Say goodbye to retirees

HEGLA’s staff used the celebration to say goodbye to four people who were retiring.

Manfred Monska is leaving the company after 36 years. He also started in vehicle construction and then changed to machine construction.

Manfred Struck has ended his principal occupation at HEGLA after 35 years. He is one of the company’s first employees in vehicle construction and proved his worth most of all in the special machinery section.

Hubert Schnückel is retiring after 26 years. His specialism was in converting heavy goods vehicles with a glass rack and crane. When vehicle construction relocated he changed to the machine construction section.

Igor Ohlhäuser is retiring from the Beverungen company after 22 years. He particularly proved his worth in frame construction. From there he also changed to the welding section of machine construction.

With the adoption of the retirees we are losing much more than just knowledge and competence

Managing Directors Manfred Vollbracht and Bernhard Hötger gave the employees a send-off to their retirement. “We are losing much more than just knowledge and competence when HEGLA sends you off into well-earned retirement. We will also miss you personally as someone we have spent many years working with. We wish you all the very best and that you can do all those things you hope to do in the future”.

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