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HEGLA Maschinenbau: Extended capacity for internationally popular high-tech products “made in Kretzschau”

The HEGLA Group is once again investing in its Kretzschau site and developing its production space. The topping-out ceremony for the new HEGLA Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG building in Kretzschau took place on 29 August 2019. Around 70 employees took part in a lively event to celebrate the inauguration of the new production hall, which is located directly adjacent to the existing facility on Industriering. HEGLA succeeded in acquiring no less than 3200 m² of additional ground space to construct the facility, offering new capacity for the company’s mechanical engineering projects and the production of Halle/Saale-based HEGLA boraident’s systems.

HEGLA Mechanical Engineering

“The construction of yet another production hall represents a crucial milestone in the ongoing development of our facility in Kretzschau. Our employees in particular can be proud of the positive developments we are seeing on site,” explains Bernhard Hötger, Managing Director of HEGLA Maschinenbau.

From manual steel construction to high-tech “made in Kretzschau” products

Since the independent HEGLA subsidiary was founded at its former site in Droßdorf back in 1990, HEGLA Maschinenbau – now based in Kretzschau – has developed into a competence centre for PVCU storage and become an autonomous and crucial member of the HEGLA Group as a Rapidstore production facility for glass storage and loading. “In the past, our subsidiary in Kretzschau was primarily renowned for its manual steel construction products, whereas today it is home to increasingly technically complex machinery and systems, which means we are now exporting our unique products to virtually every country around the world,” explains Managing Director Bernhard Hötger. As the site continued to grow in significance, it was expanded from around 3300 m² to 4500 m² back in 2008. “The national – and international – recognition we now enjoy can primarily be attributed to the exceptional commitment of our employees at the site. We are now on the lookout for new skilled workers to continue with our successful growth and plan to welcome 30 new employees to our team when we open the new facility.”


Strengthening the economy in the Zeitz region

HEGLA Maschinenbau is one of the largest industrial companies in the Burgenlandkreis region of Saxony-Anhalt. While the region around Zeitz was once renowned for being a real hub for commercial activity, only a few companies remained in operation after Germany reunified. “It is in light of this in particular that it is so important for us to drive the surrounding economy and strengthen the innovative strength of our company further still,” explains Bernhard Hötger. “Our new facility demonstrates that we are truly committed to our site in Kretzschau. I am delighted that this will allow us to safeguard both jobs and training opportunities within the region going forward. We also owe a huge thank you to Ms Anemone Just as mayor of the Droyßiger-Zeitzer Forst collective municipality for her extensive and unwavering support in favour of our construction project. The completion of the new building and the ceremonial inauguration is set for the first quarter of 2020.

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Plot for the new building

Image 1: Plot for the new building: A production hall spanning around 3200 m² is being constructed directly adjacent to the existing HEGLA Maschinenbau facility in Kretzschau.

HEGLA Kretzschau
HEGLA Kretzschau New building
HEGLA new building - mechanical engineering

Images 2–4: The topping-out wreath was hung up on 29/08/2019.

HEGLA new building

Image 5: The topping-out ceremony was an exciting occasion for the employees.

HEGLA New building Kretzschau

Image 6: View of the new building from the main entrance of HEGLA Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG.