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High tech from Kretzschau is popular around the world

German mechanical engineering is prized worldwide for its quality and innovative strength. But although the companies in question often have unique products and services at their disposal, their importance is generally barely perceived by the public. This is no different at HEGLA Maschinenbau in Kretzschau, which – with more than 70 employees – enjoys a good international reputation and has already exported to almost every country in the world.

The Rapidstore glass storage and loading system

Sophisticated and technically complex products

Since the 1990 foundation of the branch at its former location in Droßdorf, the company has produced storage and transport frames for the glass and window industry and has assembled glass transport attachments for trucks and commercial vehicles. To begin with, it was mainly products from the steel construction trade that were manufactured in Kretzschau, but over the years the machines and systems added have become much more sophisticated and technically more complex. These solutions include, for example, the Rapidstore storage and loading system, in which a large number of different types of glass are first stowed on mobile storage compartments and then transferred to a cutting system for cutting to size.

Storage solutions for bulky, extra-long material

Among the best-known products from the Kretzschau plant are the storage solutions for window profiles or other bulky, extra-long materials. For this purpose, the company offers manually or automatically movable shelving systems that are placed side by side to allow up to 50 percent more storage capacity. With the advancement of the Telehub pallet fork, a somewhat unusual innovation is once again enjoying great popularity: Once hooked onto the hall crane, it can be used flexibly for picking and placing, even in poorly accessible positions and is both practical and easy to handle.

Expansion of production capacity planned

“HEGLA’s success, innovations and know-how are thanks to the commitment and skills of all our employees,” emphasises Managing Director Bernhard Hötger, who is optimistic about the company's future. The fact that the managing director is also expectant of further growth can be seen from the investments planned for 2019. An expansion of the production area by approx. 3,200 m² is planned for the current Kretzschau location. Among other aims, the new capacities will be used to manufacture machines and systems for HEGLA boraident, which was acquired two years ago.

In addition to storage and logistics solutions and the vehicle construction division, the HEGLA Group specialises in machines and systems for glass cutting. The Group itself was founded in Beverungen (North Rhine-Westphalia) in 1976 and has a third production site in Satteldorf (Baden-Württemberg). There are also branches in England, France, Russia, the USA, India and other countries. Worldwide, the HEGLA group has more than 650 employees, including more than 50 apprentices. The HEGLA Group also includes HEGLA boraident, which offers laser applications, and HEGLA-HANIC, which is a software specialist for the glass industry.



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HEGLA Kretzschau

Image 1: Since 1990, the HEGLA branch in the Burgenlandkreis has been producing and selling international storage and logistics solutions for glass, windows as well as bulky, extra-long materials.

Automatic picking and removal of the profile elements

Image 2: The storage capacity of the existing space will be increased by up to 50 percent with the automated long-goods warehouse made in Kretzschau. Automatic picking and removal of the profile elements is carried out on a pallet-by-pallet basis.

The Rapidstore glass storage and loading system

Image 3: Technically complex and designed for the international market: the Rapidstore glass storage and loading system. The glass is held in the storage shelves and automatically handed to the cutting system.

Telehub - easy handling

Image 4: The advanced pallet fork Telehub enjoys renewed popularity, thanks to its manoeuvrability and easy handling.