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Laser upgrades: Adding value to standard products

Thanks to laser technology, the glass industry can do something that would be almost inconceivable in any other sector. Laser finishing treatment enables manufacturers to enhance the value of largely standardised products and increase their functionality. With prices for traditional IG units and facade cladding coming under increasing pressure, using laser upgrades to create bird protection glass, RF-transparent glass and anti-bacterial glass gives manufacturers the chance to tap into new target markets and increase their profit margins.

Image 1: Adding value to standard products: The Laserbird adds extra functionality to standard products, thus offering potential for new target markets and higher profit margins.

Images 2-3: Full reception in conference rooms and office buildings, thanks to RF-transparent glass with a laser finishing treatment. When part of the existing coating is removed, even 5G waves can penetrate the glass. The texture is imperceptible to the human eye.

Image 4: With silver ions embedded in the glass using laser technology, germs and bacteria have no chance of survival. Suitable for application in any environment where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Image 5: Gentle edge decoating with the Laserbird creates crystal-clear, aesthetically pleasing results that are bound to leave an impression, even in the visible areas.