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More options with interior conversion

It’s easy to describe the standard equipment for a glass and window transport van. If companies would like to take advantage of additional options they should seek advice on conversion in line with their specific needs.

HEGLA interior rack with two-piece folding horizontal support

Interior rack and horizontal interior support – two basic types of interior conversion

The market leader HEGLA divides interior conversion into two areas: interior racks and horizontal interior supports. They can be used individually or in combination. Interior racks are ideal when panes, insulating glass or single elements must be transported. The padded horizontal support of the inclined rack is attached at a right angle, protects against damage, and gives the required stability to individual panes or insulating glass units that are not completely hardened. Straps and slat bars fix the goods in place with little effort. Lashing rails integrated into the rack provide additional flexibility when securing the goods for transport. Mr Löhner also believes that it almost always pays to add the two-piece folding horizontal support when selecting equipment. If several structural elements must be delivered at the same time, it can be completely or partially folded up, allowing the full width of the vehicle to be used.

Hole patterns offer even more handling freedom with the interior rack

For even more handling freedom with the interior rack, HEGLA recommends adding hole patterns to the ceiling and floor. This will allow windows and doors to be placed on the rack and secured with padded slat bars across the entire vehicle width. They simply lock into the hole pattern. If glass must also be delivered during the trip, it would be possible to place the structural elements in any other position and use the padded slat bars to fix them in place on both sides.

Protected transport with the pull-out interior rack

For the transport of expensive goods that require extra protection, vehicles can be equipped with a pull-out interior rack. Without having to enter the loading area, delivery van drivers can load the rack at an ergonomic height, secure the structural element or pane, and then easily push the rack back into the rear of the vehicle. This procedure significantly reduces the risk of damage, e.g. from stones, during handling and while on the road.

Extended load height and width with the HEGLA horizontal interior support

Workshops that primarily use their delivery vehicles for doors, windows or large formats and rarely or never deliver glass should at least have a horizontal interior support, says the managing director of HEGLA. The relevant goods are placed directly on the floor or on protective mats, and fixed in place on the two standard lashing rails with lashing straps. In comparison to an interior rack with a fixed horizontal support, the expanded loading height and width are an advantage. If a hole pattern in the floor is added to this conversion option, the load can be secured for transport with straps and slat bars. And if there is a hole pattern in the ceiling, slat bars can be used to fix the elements in place in almost any position in the rear of the vehicle.

Flexible vehicle conversions and attachments

“Whether it’s an interior rack or interior support or a combination of the two, I always tell my customers to consider installing a tool cabinet system or other storage option,” explained Mr Löhner. “A tidy vehicle interior supports a first good impression on the construction site in many ways.”

Mr Löhner also emphasises the flexibility of vehicle conversions and attachments. “In over 40 years, we have created almost every type of glass-industry vehicle imaginable for glass, windows and structural elements. The variations we have seen range from pure exterior racks and combined interior conversions with interior racks and horizontal interior supports to double exterior racks,” the managing director of HEGLA added.


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Interior finishing

Image 1: As diverse as they are flexible: An interior conversion that is perfectly harmonised to the customer’s needs (horizontal interior support with storage compartments, hole patterns and tie rods).

HEGLA interior rack with two-piece folding horizontal support

Image 2: HEGLA interior rack with two-piece folding horizontal support. Depending on the load, almost the entire width of the interior can be used very flexibly.

Tidy interior conversion with tool cabinet system

Image 3: When the first impression must be good: Tidy interior conversion with tool cabinet system, interior rack with folding horizontal support, tie rod system with hole patterns in the floor and ceiling, trays behind the vertical support and integrated lashing rails.

Interior rack

Image 4: As flexible as the work routine: Interior rack with two-piece folding horizontal support, material trays, hole patterns and tie rods for transporting windows and glass in several loading positions at the same time.

HEGLA interior rack with two-piece folding horizontal support

Image 5: Tidy with plenty of free space: HEGLA interior rack with two-piece folding horizontal support.