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New HEGLA Corp. location opens: expanded resources with first local production facility

After a construction phase of about one year, HEGLA Corp. has officially opened its new headquarters in Stockbridge, Henry County in the State of Georgia (USA).

Relocation to the new building had become necessary to create space for the growing number of employees and to establish a local production site in the USA.

Strengthen both local presence and the service network

HEGLA Corp. was founded in 1995 as HEGLA’s distribution and service location in the USA. Since then, North America has become the HEGLA Group’s largest export market. A good reason to strengthen the company’s local presence and further improve the existing service network and customer contact with the new U.S. headquarters in Stockbridge. Now that HEGLA Corp. has its own production facility, machine parts delivered from Germany can be assembled and commissioned directly on site. The goal is to steadily expand production at the site from now on and intensify it after just a few years. The HEGLA Corp. team is already well settled in its new location, would like to thank all project participants, and is looking forward to welcoming customers at the new location in the future. 

The address of the new location is

The new location’s address:

HEGLA Corporation

1285 Rum Creek Pkwy.
Stockbridge, GA 30281 USA

Press officer:


37688 Beverungen, Germany

Carsten Koch
Phone +49 (0) 52 73 / 9 05 - 121
Email: carsten.koch(at)hegla.de 

Figure 1: View from above of the new location of HEGLA Corp. in Stockbridge, Georgia (USA)

Figure 2: The team of HEGLA Corp. is happy about the move to the new premises.

Figure 3: Entrance area of the office building of HEGLA Corp.

Figure 4: Insight into the new office building. Here, space has been created for new employees to further expand resources and service.