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Language certificate rewards additional commitment

The pride of the 18 pupils of Beverungen Secondary School was evident when they received their TELC certificate as proof of their English language skills.

18 school students of Beverungen Secondary School have received the TELC language certificate

The pupils spent over a year to achieve this success through working in the TELC (The English Language Certificate) study group, which was offered as an examination centre upon the initiative of Beverungen Secondary School and with the help of Diemel-Egge-Weser adult education centre. Listening to, speaking, reading and writing English was the key focus of the course, which aimed at promoting additional skills, particularly for typical everyday situations and in professional life.

TELC certificate as proof of English language proficiency

At the handing over ceremony in the secondary school, Ulrich Wille from the adult education centre emphasized the special importance that the certificate can have, for instance, for the subsequent application process: “By passing the final examination you can document your high language proficiency clearly and in writing. The English test is internationally recognised and is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.”

The proud well-wishers also included the head of the school, Helga Lange, who explicitly praised the great commitment and performances of the pupils. “For a whole year, you have participated in the TELC study group during your leisure time, learnt together for the examinations and deservedly passed the tests,” she said.

Both the participants and the school administrators lavished praise on the teacher Andrea Teasdale, who was committed to supporting the course the whole time. She provided expertise and motivation. Although Andrea Teasdale had already left the school when the new school term began, she returned to Beverungen for the handing over ceremony in order to personally congratulate her pupils.

The other guests included HEGLA Managing Director Bernhard Hötger, whose company participated in the examination costs together with the secondary school’s development association. He was very enthusiastic about the high level of commitment of all participants and the interest in the English language:“Today, English is part of working life and at HEGLA, we are delighted to support the course with our donation.”

The following people successfully completed the TELC certificate on 1 September 2023:

  • Ahmad
  • Jolina-Marie
  • Minkaïlou
  • Alexander
  • Alexia
  • Katharina
  • Julian
  • Fynn
  • Nina
  • Gisele
  • Maximilian
  • Tiziana
  • Maximilian
  • Emma Brianna
  • Lenia
  • Lea
  • Bianca
  • Amanda Estefania
18 school students of Beverungen Secondary School have received the TELC language certificate

[Translate to English:] 18 Schüler*innen der Sekundarschule Beverungen haben nach erfolgreicher Prüfung das Sprachzertifikat Telc erhalten.