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RAPIDCUT KT – Standalone Cutting Table with Linear Drive

HEGLA presented RAPIDCUT KT, a new standalone cutting line, to coincide with glasstec 2014. At the same time, this replaces the Formline KT that is established in the market. Technically, the main difference between the two cutting machines is the electromagnetic linear drives used in the RAPIDCUT KT. The result of this drive technology, with which HEGLA has also initiated a generation shift to standalone lines, is even more precise cutting results and minimal maintenance.

Rapidcut KT

Electromagnetic Linear Drives

"For many years we have put our trust in linear technology, a technology that meets growing demands and produces cutting results that stand up to any comparison, even after a long period of operation", confirms Manfred Vollbracht, Managing Director of HEGLA.

The electromagnetic linear drives used for RAPIDCUT KT have already proven their worth in other series. Initially they were only reserved for the high-­performance Galactic and Galactic Plus cutting machines but now they are also used on the RAPIDLINE universal cutting machine for float glass as well as the ProLam laminated glass cutting table. HEGLA particularly emphasises two main advantages of this technology. The linear drives are non-contact and therefore low-maintenance and low-wear.

Low Maintenance and Low-Wear

The drive technology does not suffer in relation to the operating period. Although the significantly higher acceleration values produce better movement dynamics, the precision remains unchanged. This is another advantage of this type of drive.

Designed as a space-saving standalone solution for cutting monolithic glass, the RAPIDCUT KT was equipped with a tilting table segment. This is tilted up into a slightly inclined, almost vertical position for loading so that the glass can be safely positioned. An electromechanical tilting drive ensures that the table can be evenly lowered into the processing position in a manner that is gentle on the material. The position of the glass is automatically detected by sensors and the cutting movement is precisely adapted to the cutting plan. The RAPIDCUT KT can cut free forms and models in addition to the standard cutting geometries. The operator separates the glass by breaking it manually using the integrated longitudinal and transverse cutting bars.

A special feature of the previous line also applies to the RAPIDCUT KT. Only the loading table but not the cutting bridge is tilted to maintain the long-term performance and precision of the line.

Vibration-Free Parking Position

The fixed and vibration-free parking position of the cutting technology ensures consistently good cutting quality.
The RAPIDCUT KT is a perfect, space-saving standalone line for cutting high-quality special items, ornaments and models. The cutting table is equipped with fully graphical HEGLA software for easy operation. The scope of application of the RAPIDCUT KT can be extended further with an optional edge deletion module. Anyone not wanting to go to the trouble of optimising cutting waste or who would rather rely on a software-based option can also use HEGLA table optimisation.

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Rapidcut KT folded up

Picture 1: The integrated tilting table can be tilted until it is almost vertical for loading the glass. The cutting bridge remains in a vibration-free waiting position. This increases the longevity of the precise technology.

Rapidcut KT

Picture 2: HEGLA presented RAPIDCUT KT, the new linear driven cutting line for float glass.

Rapidcut KT Linear drives

Picture 3: HEGLA uses low-maintenance linear drives with the new RAPIDCUT KT for greater precision and speed.