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Small but impressive: Rapid deliveries with city vans

They are agile, small and can be used anywhere. Smaller city vans are highly impressive as they are ideal for daily use, yet often underestimated.

These compact delivery vans and their transport attachments provide enough space for urgent courier and delivery services.

Compact design for smoothly functioning urban logistics

The phone rings. The client is desperate for fast service – a problem that should be solved quickly often takes longer than anticipated. Delays are commonplace as drivers desperately look for somewhere to park their delivery vehicle. Hans-Peter Löhner, Managing Director at HEGLA Fahrzeugbau knows this problem is easy to avoid. ‘Larger glass-industry vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes are primarily used for service visits and deliveries of glass, windows and structural elements. Smaller city vans offer much more potential for everyday urban logistics thanks to their familiar size. Such vehicles are ideally used when a large or box-type truck is not required for the delivery, or such trucks would make the journey unnecessarily difficult,’ said Hans-Peter Löhner.

Wider range of applications with the HEGLA exterior rack

For maximum comfort and professional transport, industry experts recommend attaching the torsion-resistant, height-adjustable HEGLA exterior rack. Depending on the vehicle’s wheelbase, it could create a load extension with a useful length of more than two metres. The useful height can be flexibly extended by up to 2.25 metres. External loads enable the transport of bulky goods while keeping the vehicle interior free for tools, assembly materials or various other goods. IGUs, windows, and large formats can be placed on the easily accessible, height-adjustable rack, properly secured with padded slat bars, and professionally transported to their destination.

Keep it flexible: Removable exterior rack and pull-out interior rack

Transport attachments on city vans that have been equipped with a quick-release rack can be removed with only a few quick steps. ‘It only takes a few minutes to remove the exterior rack. This is highly beneficial, particularly if the vehicle is to be used for non-service runs and errands, or if it has to go the garage,’ said Hans-Peter Löhner, Managing Director at HEGLA Fahrzeugbau.

To maximise the city van’s loading options, all vehicles can be fitted with a pull-out interior rack. This allows for easy loading without having to creep around the loading space. It also enables more flexible planning of deliveries and is ideal for materials that require extra protection during transport.

‘For fast customer service, courier runs and deliveries, our clients rely on compact, agile city vans. To derive maximum benefit from the options available for loading the vehicle, our experts coordinate the transport attachments in close exchange with its manufacturer,’ explained Hans-Peter Löhner in conclusion.

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For private trips, van maintenance or flexible use in several vehicles, the easily removable version of the rack can be taken off or attached in no time at all.

The pull-out interior rack enables the easy, ergonomic loading of IGUs and windows. They are particularly secure when transported inside the vehicle.