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Underestimated opportunities: City vans as express service and delivery vehicles

They are agile, small and can be used anywhere. While larger commercial vehicles with total weights of up to 3.5 tonnes have grown to be the vehicles of choice for service trips and deliveries of glass, windows and structural elements, smaller city vans have untapped potential. Unjustly, as Hans-Peter Löhner, Managing Director of HEGLA Fahrzeugbau with locations in Satteldorf, Beverungen and Kretzschau, believes. “Whether it’s a drive to the post office in the morning and express service to a customer in the afternoon, small city vans offer a familiar size and flexible options for everyday use in comparison to considerably larger box-type trucks,” said Mr Löhner. Almost everyone has a licence for this type of vehicle and even in congested inner-city traffic, they are easy to drive.

VW Caddy

An exterior rack maximises the spectrum of applications

To increase the utilisation level for delivery trips in particular, such small delivery vans can be equipped with an exterior rack. For example, a HEGLA conversion could add a loading area of more than two metres of effective length to a VW Caddy. Exterior loading permits much larger dimensions than inside vehicles, and the interiors remain free for tools, installation materials and other goods. ISO units, windows and large formats can be placed on the easily accessible, ergonomic rack and transported to their destination. Safe vertical and horizontal supports reduce the risk of damage during loading and unloading. Cushioned slat bars that can flexibly adjust to the cargo at hand provide the support necessary for proper transport. And lashing straps and the standard lashing rail can be used to fix the load in place.

Equip vehicles with a quick-release rack

If the vehicle has been equipped with a quick-release rack, it is possible to remove the transport attachment in only a few quick steps. Afterwards, it can either be reserved for private use, intensive vehicle care or a tyre change, or used in place of another delivery vehicle.

The perfect rack for your vehicle

The rack is made of torsion-resistant, non-aluminium profile that promises a long service life when used in welded construction. To derive maximum use from the vehicle’s loading options, transport attachments are precisely harmonised to the relevant vehicles in close coordination with the vehicle manufacturers.

Protected transport with interior rack

For materials that require special protection or even more flexible delivery route planning to several customers, all vehicles can also be equipped with an interior rack.

Ideal for rapid customer service

“Our customers use city vans for express customer service, courier and delivery trips, especially when they do not need a large truck or box-type truck for the work to be carried out or a larger vehicle would make the trips unnecessarily difficult.”

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Image 2: VW Caddy with side rack and luggage rack: there is enough room for the goods on the rack. The ladder fits conveniently on the roof.

VW Caddy back view

Image 3: Even more flexible with a folding interior rack for protected transport in the vehicle rear.