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Vitrum: Post-installation finishing treatment for bird protection and RF-transparent glass

With its new solution for the post-installation functionalisation of facades and windows, HEGLA boraident plans to attract attention at this year’s Vitrum.

Teaser Messe Vitrum HEGLA boraident Vogeslchutzglas

“Some property owners don’t pay attention to the problem of bird strikes on panes or limited RF transparency until the panes have already been installed,” said Dr Thomas Rainer, Authorised Signatory and Head of Development at HEGLA boraident. The CELLFree Mobile and BIRDFriend Mobile laser solutions can be implemented to functionalise facades on site, even after they have been in place for years. To reduce mobile radio loss, the metallic functional coatings of Low-E, for example, are transformed with ultra-thin lines to enable high-frequency communication waves to pass through the pane without attenuation. For bird protection glass, small dots are applied 5 cm apart with a laser transfer printing process. This has a triple effect: first, the semi-transparent dots are printed so close together that birds perceive them as impossible to fly through. Second, the pattern breaks up any realistic reflections that mirror the bushes or trees in the environment, which would normally attract birds. The third effect is the way in which the pattern changes UV reflections, sending out another warning signal to birds.


ABC American Bird Conservancy has confirmed high efficacy

“The American Bird Conservancy has confirmed the high efficacy of our bird protection glass on its all-important first page. The quality of the glass is not impacted by printing the surface texture on it, and the texture still fulfils its function after 20 years,” explained Dr Rainer.

HEGLA boraident will exhibit at Vitrum in hall 7P at stand K22

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