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Window profiles compactly stored for every customer requirement

A compact storage system can contribute to fast and flexible processing of customer requirements when it comes to window construction. Because with new profiles, more colours and different systems, it has become more challenging to meet all the needs of building developers promptly and to their complete satisfaction. Not only have demands on the visual properties of windows increased, but double-insulating glass, triple-insulating glass and the increasing share held by laminated glass are also making themselves felt in ever more individual orders. It is easiest for the window manufacturer if the customer chooses a profile and colour combination that is available and quickly accessible. It becomes more complex if the requested material has to be ordered or if it is only possible to determine whether it is still available in the warehouse by re-stacking and sorting. If the requested profile is then still in an external warehouse, the material can only be processed after a warm-up period, which may depend on the season.

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Supplement storage system with popular items

A space-saving storage system offers the option to supplement stock material with other common types and to maintain their availability for flexible production. By optimising space, more can be stored in the available surface area, and access times are also significantly improved. The material is stored in a well-organised manner, which offers a quick overview of the stock.

Specialist for long-goods storage systems

Hegla’s Kretzschau branch specialises in compact storage systems for window profiles. The storage systems are also developed and produced there. An individual and integrated concept is developed to suit the customer's production processes and storage space. The systems range from manual compact storage for small to medium storage requirements to fully automated systems with portal shuttle, integrated storage software and a direct link to the production line.

“Every compact storage system is different, just as every customer is. It is important to find the solution that fits exactly and that is integrated perfectly into the customer’s production processes,” says Mark Stoschek from HEGLA.

All concepts, however, have one principle in common:
the individual shelves are placed side by side in a space-saving manner. Only during loading and unloading is either a gap in the shelf opened or the rack module pulled forward to enable access to the pallets or bundled goods. This saves space and makes optimum use of the storage space. Even without an gap for the operator, the material is available at working height in the storage locations: The laterally open design of the cantilever modules means that materials can be removed directly.

With special accessories, long-goods storage can be adapted even further to the customer’s processes. The use of the special processing shuttle – that allows picking and cutting of the material right in the warehouse – has proven itself. The shuttle is moved in front of the desired shelf and lifted to the required working height by a lifting platform. The operator can then easily access the material without risk of injury, cut it with the saw installed on the platform and immediately return the leftovers. This allows handling times to be further reduced and significantly lowers the risk of damaged profiles.


Special features:

  • Compact storage systems for long-goods pallets, Euro pallets, bundled goods and general cargo,
  • long-goods system concept for profile strips, glass strips, steel reinforcements, spacers and rungs up to 6.5 m,
  • space savings of up to 50% compared to conventional solutions,
  • increased productivity by means of faster access,
  • no scratching of profiles, as there is no need to rearrange,
  • direct profile removal of individual rods possible,
  • combination of different cantilever shelf designs possible,
  • increased storage capacity thanks to optimum use of both the height and width of the warehouse,
  • every storage location is individually accessible,
  • near-production integration,
  • optimum adaptation to structural conditions and process workflows,
  • modular construction allows for flexible expansion,
  • more transparent inventory-taking to avoid bottlenecks.

More Information:


Industriering 5

06712 Kretzschau, Germany

Mark Stoschek, +49 (0) 21 31 / 7 39 77 72

Hendrik Boche, +49 (0) 3 44 25 / 5 01-13

Hans-Peter Löhner, +49 (0) 79 51 / 94 35-30



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37688 Beverungen, Germany


Carsten Koch

Tel. + 49 (0) 52 73 / 9 05-1 21

Email: carsten.koch@hegla.de


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Image 1: Manual and transversely movable long-goods compact storage system. Individual profiles can be removed from the side and front, thanks due to the open design.


Image 2: Manual long-goods profile storage, longitudinally extendible. With the rail-guided shuttle, each loaded shelf module can be brought forward into the operator aisle.

Automatically KPL

Image 3: Fully automatic long-goods profile storage with portal shuttle. All processes of inward transfer and ejection, management and provisioning are controlled by the system. Connection to storage management software is possible.