Using the Laserbird for processing and finishing glass

Make more of your glass with the Laserbird, and benefit from a further increase to the added value of your products. Finish your semi-finished products by modifying their functional coating, or use laser printing or coating transformation techniques to create custom panes. The Laserbird is a universal glass finishing tool, making it the perfect choice for your broad portfolio of customers, applications and glass products. Extra applications can be added at any time to expand your production range. Working on a completely new idea for applications or finishing treatments? Our developers and consultants would love to help!

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Functionalisation of glass and coatings

Add an extra function to your glass panes and wow your customers with personalised added value. The perfect edge decoating without scratches, glass that is more permeable to mobile radio waves, switchable panes or bird protection glass... Whatever you choose, your customers will benefit from a cutting-edge product portfolio, flexible production options and fast delivery times. You can produce finishes flexibly without losing time for retooling. You will also remain future-proof with additional app expansions, for example for the laser-assisted production of heatable glass.


  • Versatile use for single panes, toughened glass, LSG and finished IGUs
  • Future-proof thanks to continuous application development
  • Flexible production – no set-up or tooling times
  • Material-friendly glass finishing without damaging the surface of the material
  • Greater value creation through laser-assisted glass finishing
  • Configure laser types exactly as required to fit your specific product portfolio
  • Simultaneous use of up to six lasers for even faster production times
  • From small to large: maximum glass dimensions to suit customer requirements

Functional description: Glass finishing treatments and design

The glass is placed manually onto the Laserbird or transported with an automatic glass feeder onto the system. From here, it is moved along into the protected laser room. The process is then controlled by the production planning software, via the user-friendly apps or by scanning a QR or data matrix code previously applied during cutting, for example. Depending on the functionality or processing required, the lasers get to work, either performing a high-quality edge decoating, or removing or transforming the coating to create an almost imperceptible pattern. Alternatively, a motif is laser-printed onto the glass. The surface of the glass remains completely undamaged. Depending on the configuration and installation, the pane is then retracted and manually removed. Alternatively, it can be transported onwards, where there is the option of it being automatically sorted into a storage unit or onto harp racks.

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Configurable options

Randentschichtung LaserPerfect edge decoating
VodelschutzglasActive bird protection
Durchlässigkeit MobilfunkwellenBetter mobile phone reception
gedämpfte RadarreflektionGreater flight safety
alarmspinneIntelligent and smart glass
Laser-Markierung Clear markings
Entschichtung Spiegel HEGLA boraident LaserbirdPerfect decoating
Laserdruck HEGLA boraident laserbirdAesthetic laser printing
Hitzebehandelbares Glas HEGLA boraidentHeat-treatable glass
Antibakterielles Glas HEGLA boraidentAnti-bacterial glass
Randentschichtung Laser
Durchlässigkeit Mobilfunkwellen
gedämpfte Radarreflektion
Entschichtung Spiegel HEGLA boraident Laserbird
Laserdruck HEGLA boraident laserbird
Hitzebehandelbares Glas HEGLA boraident
Antibakterielles Glas HEGLA boraident
Please note: As soon as you watch the video, information about it is transmitted to YouTube. You can find more information about this under read more
Please note: As soon as you watch the video, information about it is transmitted to YouTube. You can find more information about this under read more