LEA 300 - Laser edge decoating for a crystal-clear surface without scratches

The LEA 300 is a new type of gentle edge decoater for float glass and laminated glass. Achieve scratch-free, crystal-clear surfaces and material-friendly results that satisfy even the highest aesthetic and visual standards. The laser(s) automatically decoat edges or around holes to the fire polishing, resulting in a residue-free surface.

Laser-supported solution for gentle decoating

Whether it’s structural glazing, insulated glass, or any other applications where the glass edges are visible, the LEA with its innovative laser technology impresses as a standalone system or as part of a production line. The glass is processed without changeover times and the machine features easy, user-friendly operation. When fully networked, the decoating specifications can be copied from PPS or ERP software or called up or input manually at the machine.


  • Flexible, non-destructive edge decoating of float glass or laminated glass with a laser
  • Ultra-thin removal of the coating without damage to the glass surface
  • High edge quality without scratches or adverse mechanical effects
  • High process reliability
  • High precision for all dimensions (max. size 25,000 x 3,600 mm)
  • Can be fully networked as part of a line configuration or standalone system Intuitive HMI (based on 4.0)
  • Flexible use for single pieces or series production

Functional description

After the glass to be decoated is automatically transferred to the LEA or manually placed in the vertical processing plane, the glass is transported into the system. The laser is precisely positioned and decoats the glass in accordance with specifications. Without any changeover time, one or more lasers (depending on the configuration) decoats the glass.