ES Guard M laser marking

ES-Guard M is a universal, mobile laser marking system that enables the non-destructive marking of coated and uncoated surfaces, insulated glass, and both textured and smooth glass. Marking with the patented UniColor® laser printing process does not damage the surface. The mobile system can mark after cutting, during any other step in the production process, or even on insulated glass before it is finished, for instance. A laser and transfer tape are used to apply an ultra-thin scratch- and weather-resistant layer to the surface. The glass remains untouched, and its durability and other properties do not change.

UniColor laser printing process for the non-destructive laser marking of glass

A code, dynamic data, and/or customer-specific marking layouts or logos can be added to the automatically or semi-automatically generated markings. This subsequently allows the products to be identified or tracked at any time, which can serve as proof of delivery, for instance. A test marking that changes colour to document the toughening process can also be added to the glass. All markings are uniquely identifiable and can be scanned with 99.9 per cent process reliability. The code can include production data, installation instructions, technical data or the fire safety certificate, for instance.


  • Laser system for the product identification of glass surfaces, insulation glass units (artificial and ceramic)
  • The marking has high resistance to mechanical, chemical and thermal loads (up to Tg) and UV radiation
  • No negative effect on glass stability or resulting stress factors or cracks
  • Automated, non-destructible marking with e.g., machine-readable codes (e.g., data matrix and QR codes), logos, and product IDs
  • Reliable machine-readability (stationary scanner/hand scanner/app/mobile devices)
  • Direct link to product data, ERP and MES with relevant data integration or use of the HEGLA app for full quality control, combined with the stored QM and production data
  • Marking with specific data (unique to each pane), for example product tracking via product ID
  • For example, store the planned installation position or required storage location at the construction site in the marking
  • Manual screen printing no longer required before the toughening process
  • Enhanced safety you can see thanks to test marking: Change of colour in toughened glass process

Functional description

The operator positions the glass under the ES-Guard M. Using a material-friendly process, the laser creates an ultra-fine layer of nanoparticles on the surface of the glass. The data to be stored can be assigned to the product ID manually or via an ERP system.

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